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Commercial Energy Audit:  Basic energy audits are available at no charge for business in SCPPD's service territory. Find out where your energy dollars are being spent. Contact SCPPD for more information.

Facts about Electric Heat:  Several brochures are available explaining the advantages of electric heat. Contact SCPPD if interested.

Heat Pumps:  Electric heat pumps transfer heat. In the summertime, heat pumps take heat from the inside and move it outside. During the winter, heat from the outside is used to warm inside areas.

Electric Heat Rebates:  SCPPD offers cash rebates when you convert your heating and cooling system to an electric air-to-air heat pump, an add-on heat pump, or a geothermal heat pump.

Security Lighting:  Directional and security lighting units are available from SCPPD. Brochures are available detailing the rates for both Rural and City-Village areas. Contact SCPPD.

Let us talk to your group: SCPPD offers a variety of educational formats for group presentations.