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Siting Grain Bins

Proper siting of grains bins can reduce the risk of accidental contact between power lines and such tall farm equipment as augers, elevators, or grain probes. In addition to safety considerations, the National Electrical Safety Code specifies line clearance requirements for grain bins. The accompanying diagrams help illustrate the clearances.

The first gives the minimum distances that a variety of grain bin sizes should be placed away from a typical power line having a vertical clearance of 18.5 fee and a phase-to-ground voltage between 750v and 22,000v.

Diagram of minimum distances from a power line

Height of Grain
Storage Structure
  D = Minimum Distance
From Line to Bin Well
15 feet   55.5 feet
20   68
25   80.5
30   93
35   105.5
40   118
50   143
60   168
70   193
80   218

The second diagram show a simple example of a 35-foot-tall grain bin, which must be at least 105.5 feet from a power line.


Contact Bruce Hoehne at the SCPPD office (locally at 402-439-2228 or toll-free long-distance at 877-439-2228) if you have questions or if you are planning a new bin.