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Stanton County Public Power District was organized in 1936 and distributed its first kWh in 1938. Lines were built in rural Stanton County and the lines were energized in May 1940. Initially, 174 consumers were hooked up. SCPPD began serving the City of Stanton in 1976 and the Village of Pilger in 1987.

In the early years, Managers and board members spent time talking with the customers and potential customers and informing them of the benefits of electric power. Manager Fred Ball and project coordinator Mark Colborn were very involved in this building process.

As customers became aware of the benefits of electricity and the Public Power system, SCPPD began to grow. We now service over 2700 customers on 780.51 miles of line. In order to keep our reliable energy moving to your homes, our linemen maintain our continually system and make improvements as needed. We strive to serve our customers with safe, reliable energy every day.

Stanton County Public Power District continues to grow. Not so much by customers and miles of line, but in technology, safety and design. We have recently implemented our AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) and we are currently working on our SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system. These new programs will give SCPPD the ability to find problems within the system more quickly and get your power restored sooner. The AMI system will also give SCPPD staff more data on your metered usage to help solve high energy usage issues and promote energy efficiency.

In 2013, we upgraded our billing and accounting software to “iVue” with NISC. This new system has the technology to give us an integrated system as well as additional features to our customers.

History of Managers and Directors

Advantages of Public Power
Nebraska is the only state in the nation whose electric distribution system is 100% publicly owned. Local control and reasonable rates are two of the primary advantages to public power.