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Load Management

Stanton County PPD offers a load management program for irrigation customers. In essence, it allows these customers to choose their electric rate by selecting a level of management that suits their needs. Options range from "no control" to “every-other-day” to full control. Rates decrease as the amount of control increases.

The program is administered by our wholesale power provider, Nebraska Public Power District. During times of high demand for power, NPPD will request that certain utilities control their customers' electric usage. SCPPD uses radio-frequency devices to turn off the power to wells. Wells can be controlled for approximately 12.5 hours within a 14-hour window (between the hours of 9 a.m. and 11 p.m.)

By shedding load, SCPPD helps NPPD use its energy resources wisely. By eliminating the need to buy power on the open market and postponing the need to build new power plants, SCPPD is able to keep rates as competitive as possible.

SCPPD started its load management program in the early 1980s. Today, many irrigation wells are enrolled in SCPPD's load management program.

In addition to irrigators, the City of Stanton also authorizes the control of electric water heaters and central air conditioners. Customers in the city should contact SCPPD about the benefits of AC or water heater load control.