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Meter Reading

The AMI system now reads all meters within the SCPPD territory.

When the “Lights came on” in 1936, all customers were required to read their own meter and report the reading to the Stanton County Public Power District office. We continued this process for many years. As technologies became available, we at SCPPD tried to implement as much as we could.

Beginning the summer of 2009, the Village of Pilger began its update to AMI, (Advanced Metering Infrastructure). Once the conversation was complete, the linemen then continued testing the infrastructure and then began the conversion in the City of Stanton in July of 2010. The conversion went quickly within the City and soon the rural meters were being upgraded as well. By the middle of November 2010, over 70% of the new rural meters were in place. At the end of the year, all meters in SCPPD territory had been upgraded!

After months of testing the infrastructure, the system was up and running. Customers are no longer responsible for reading their meters. We are also able to now implement daily readings into our new billing software.